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In the sports of baseball and softball great hitters don't just happen; they have to work for a great swing. It takes many hours of practice and thousands of swings to get it right. Once you get it, you have to keep practicing your swing to maintain the best batting average. Automated batting cages from Master Pitching Machine are a great way to help hitters of ALL ages and skill levels practice their swings!

Major League baseball players have batting practice on a regular basis to keep up on hand eye coordination, technique, muscle memory and bat speed, so why shouldn’t you? We have many different options for outdoor automated batting cages depending on the size of the area you will be using, with the choice of rectangular cages, radial cages and tent top Monopole designs.

Our standard indoor automated batting cage is the most commonly used indoor coin-operated batting cage system. Each stall is 14' wide x 14' high x 58' long. In automated batting cages with more than one stall, a short divider net separates the batters. If an elevator system is being used to pick up the balls, either a wooden desk with a sloped floor or a sloped concrete pad is needed. This cage can be easily modified to fit a particular location.

We also offer the E-2 Automated Batting Cage, a two-stall standard indoor coin-operated batting cage that utilizes an E-2 elevator System in which a conveyor belt runs down the center of the cage and carries the balls back to the elevator which then re-feeds the machines.

Our A-24 Poly-ball Automated Batting Cage is a coin-operated batting cage that not only throws poly balls but picks them up as well! It is designed to use only 12' x 30' of floor space, making it perfect for small spaces.

All of our batting cages work perfectly with our Iron Mike coin operated live-arm pitching machines. The Iron Mike features a one-of-a-kind pitching arm that winds up and delivers the ball – just like a real live pitcher. The arm throwing pitching machine will not only help a hitter improve their swing, but will also help them master rhythm and timing, which is a very important aspect of hitting.

Get that Major League swing you’ve been dreaming of with automated batting cages from Master Pitching Machine today!

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