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Hitting the ball hard and getting on base on a consistent basis is the best way to get played on any team on any level. But hitting the ball well only happens when the player is taught proper hitting mechanics, and has the opportunity to repeat these solid mechanical swings over and over and over until they become so natural they can hit against any pitcher.

Turn your backyard into a fully functional automated batting cage with backyard batting cages from Master Pitching Machines. Our batting cages are designed to fit the average sized backyard, and are perfect for any family. Any budding baseball or softball player's hitting skills will clearly benefit from being able to practice any time they want with their own backyard batting cage from Master Pitching machine.

Over forty years of experience have gone into making our backyard batting cages economic, attractive, and easy to install. All of our batting cage packages consist of galvanized steel pipes, custom-made fittings, and custom-sized netting. Our backyard batting cages provide exceptional durability and resistance to rust.

All fittings are custom welded with set screws used to hold the fittings and pipe together. As a result, no welding is needed to erect your batting cage framework. All nets are 1-2/3" black nylon square mesh, and treated with a special coating to help prevent damage from the sun's ultraviolet rays. This weather resistant netting is tough enough to withstand hit after hit for many years to come.

We also offer pre-assembled “tunnel” backyard batting cages in three different convenient batting cage combinations. These individual batting cages are designed to be used with our training pitching machines in a non-commercial set-up.
Our batting cages are great for family use, or bring the whole baseball team over to practice! Choose Master Pitching Machine and make a significant difference in your ballplayer’s hitting game today!

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