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Coin Operated Pitching Machines

Coin Operated Pitching Machines

Master Pitching Machine offers several designs of coin operated live arm pitching machines for baseball and softball practice in both indoor and outdoor batting cages. Our machines can be set at slow, medium, and fast speeds, and can be operator adjusted to fit the needs of any batter. Our coin operated softball pitching machines can be adjusted for slow pitch or fast pitch softball pitches and also easily converted to pitching baseballs.

We use the Iron Mike coin operated live arm pitching machine in all of our cages. these machines feature a one of a kind pitching arm that winds up and delivers the ball - just like a real pitcher. The arm throwing pitching machine will not only help a hitter improve their swing, but will also help them master rhythm and timing, which is a very important aspect of hitting.

Iron Mike coin operated pitching machines are built to last and require very little maintenance aside from checking the nuts and bolts on a regular basis to ensure that nothing has loosened up, greasing the chain, and oiling a few spots. They can be left outside although a cover is recommended.

Coin Operated Pitching Machine

We also offer safety, warning, and informational signs for batting cages and standard tokens (1-1/8" diameter). Our tokens feature our Iron Mike logo and can be used with the token box that is included with each baseball and coin operated softball pitching machine from Master Pitching Machine.

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