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Baseball is and always will be America's national pastime. The number of youth and adult leagues and teams is continually growing. Along with the number of leagues and teams, batting cage usage is growing as well.

Whether they are the main feature or a complementary component of your facility, batting cages have long proven to be profitable as well as popular. Once they are installed, the on-going operating costs are relatively low compared to other attractions. Because of this, new cages are constantly being built and continue to prosper.



We realize that when you decide to install a batting cage, you are committing to a long-term investment. Knowing that our success depends on your success, we take our role in your investment seriously. With that in mind, we strive to develop long term relationships with our customers. From the initial installation through on-going support and customer service, each customer remains a priority. Once you are committed to Master Pitching Machine we, in turn, are committed to you.


commercial batting cage systems ABOUT OUR CAGES

Master Pitching Machine offers several designs of batting cages for both indoor and outdoor use. Over forty years of experience have gone into making our cages economic, attractive, and easy to install. Cage packages consist of galvanized steel pipes, custom-made fittings, and custom-sized netting.

Along with the equipment, you will receive detailed installation plans. These plans include all of the concrete or wood floor details as well as the best methods of erecting the cage framework, hanging the netting, and installing the pitching machines.

If you choose not to build the cage yourself, contractors are available to do any part or all of the installation.

pipes PIPE

All pipe, except the monopole center pole, is galvanized steel. This provides exceptional durability and resistance to rust. Depending on the style of cage, either 1", 2", or 3" pipe is used.



fittings FITTINGS

All fittings are custom welded at our factory and painted silver to match the pipe. Set screws are used to hold the fittings and pipe together. As a result, no welding is needed to erect the cage framework.



netting NETTING

All nets are black, nylon, 1-2/3" square mesh, and treated with a special coating to help prevent damage from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The nets are custom made for each cage. Heavier net is used in areas of more frequent ball impact.



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