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Home batting cages are a popular choice (and sometimes the only option) for ballplayers or teams who do not happen to live near a sports complex or commercial batting cage facility. Many teams of all skill levels, including Little League, softball teams, high school teams and college teams, choose our home batting cages to help teach proper swings and improve their batting skills.

Even if there is a batting cage facility near you, they are frequently very busy during baseball season, which can result in lengthy wait times and mandatory advance scheduling. With no wait times, scheduling or wasted practice time driving back and forth required, it’s easy to see the benefits of having your own batting cage. You also save money with no more expensive rental fees.

Our home batting cages are designed to fit the average sized backyard, and of course can fit on any baseball field for practice. Whether you are using it for the entire team, or just keep it at home for your baseball loving family, any baseball or softball player can benefit from regular use of our batting cages paired with our Iron Mike pitching machines.

Iron Mike pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide largely in part because of its patented arm style pitching. This same reason brings more people to batting cages, making them a favorite of batting cage owners as well.

Over forty years of experience have gone into making our home batting cages economic, convenient, and easy to install. All of our batting cage packages consist of galvanized steel pipes, custom-made fittings, and custom-sized netting. Our batting cages provide exceptional durability and resistance to rust and our weather resistant netting is tough enough to withstand hit after hit for many years to come.
Pick the popular, convenient option for batting practice and choose Master Pitching Machine for your home batting cage today!

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