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Every parent with a promising baseball or softball player in the family wants their child to be able to hit the ball well.  Being able to hit the ball and get on base consistently is a key part of getting on, and staying an essential part of, any team.

But how do you teach your children to hit well?  You can pitch to them yourself but that can be tiring, is usually very inconsistent, and can teach your child bad swing habits.  The next option is a pitching machineKids’ pitching machines are consistent and can put the ball in the strike zone 95% of the time. Combined with a batting cage from Master Pitching Machine, a pitching machine for kids can improve your child’s batting skill while keeping the ball in a safely enclosed area.

Our model C-82 Iron Mike pitching machine is designed for on-field or backyard practice and is an ideal pitching machine for kids. This kids’ pitching machine will throw baseballs, poly-balls and softballs, making it perfect for slow-pitch softball.

All of our Master Pitching Machines, including our kids’ pitching machines, are arm-style, which means with each pitch you can see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. This gives your child the same sense of timing achieved by watching the pitcher's arm release the ball – essential for learning how to bat in a real game. It is the realistic nature of the kids’ baseball pitching machine (the only children’s pitching machine of its kind) that allows your son or daughter to practice the same fundamentals during practice as they would use on the field during a real game.

Iron Mike adult and kids’ baseball pitching machines are built to last and require very little maintenance aside from checking the nuts and bolts on a regular basis to ensure that nothing has loosened up, and keeping the machine dry and relatively clean. They can be left outside as long as they are covered well enough to not get wet.

Remember, safety first – we also offer safety and warning signs for kids’ baseball pitching machines and batting cages. Choose Master Pitching Machine for kids’ pitching machines and get your child into the game!

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