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pitching machine As a result, we have sold more commercial batting cages and arm-style pitching machines than anyone else in the world. Ever.

In 1952, Paul Giovagnoli was a young engineer experienced in operating golf driving range and miniature golf course combinations. It was at that time when he first saw a mechanical pitching machine. Immediately recognizing the potential of adding pitching machines to this business, he searched for a source of suitable equipment to purchase. Finding that nothing could be obtained before the end of the summer, he quickly fashioned six crude pitching machines in time for a month of successful public use.

Encouraged by his success, he began a career of designing and building pitching machines for both commercial batting cage operation and team training use. These mechanically simple, rugged, and practical machines soon became the standard of the batting cage industry.

iron mike pitching machine In 1976, after spending over twenty years building pitching machines for other companies and perfecting his designs, he decided to start his own company. With that decision, Master Pitching Machine was founded.

The goal of Master Pitching Machine was then, and still is today, to provide the finest quality pitching machines and batting cage equipment at the best prices available. We are able to do so by using simple, time tested designs, by minimizing our overhead through family ownership, and by relying on a staff that still includes several of the original employees.

Today, we can proudly say that Master Pitching Machine is the world leader in the design and production of commercial pitching machines and batting cage equipment. We have earned this position through hard work and through dedication to our products and our customers. It is a position that we plan to maintain for years to come

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