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Unlike other batting cages that may require welding or cementing, Master Pitching Machine offers portable baseball batting cages for your convenience. Our portable batting cages are great for setting up in the backyard over the summer, and then they can be easily taken down for the winter. Because they can be taken down so quickly and easily, our portable baseball batting cages comply with most HOA and neighborhood rules and restrictions. They also work out great for team practice. With help from your team, our portable baseball batting cages can go up in very little time, and they come down in even less time.

Our portable indoor batting cages can save teams hundreds of dollars on coin operated machines. Our portable indoor batting cages can be easily set up inside a gymnasium or other indoor facility for off-season practice, and then taken down when other teams need to use the location. Portable indoor batting cages from Master Pitching Machine also save teams time and money, as they no longer need to drive to and from the batting cages, wasting valuable practice time and gas money.

All of our batting cages are built to last with all fittings that are custom welded with set screws used to hold the fittings and pipes together. As a result, no welding is needed to set up your batting cage framework. All pipes are galvanized steel to provide exceptional durability and resistance to rust.

All our portable batting cages come with nets made with 1-2/3" black nylon square mesh. The netting is treated with a special coating to help prevent damage, and is tough enough to withstand hit after hit as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays for many years to come. When you purchase a batting cage from Master Pitching Machine, it is guaranteed to last. You may need to take your batting cage down, but you never have to due to inclement weather.

From the initial installation we provide on-going support and customer service, keeping each customer a priority. Once you are committed to Master Pitching Machine we, in turn, are committed to you.

Contact Master Pitching Machine and find out all the amazing benefits portable batting cages can provide to your Little League, high school or college team.

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