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There is no better way to practice hitting than to swing at pitched balls, but since most teams don't have someone who can spend an entire practice throwing fast, reliable pitches, the best solution is a quality pitching machine.

Iron Mike arm-style portable pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine can bring top-of-the-line batting practice to wherever your team is. As long as you have an electric outlet or gas powered generator, our portable pitching machines will keep pitching consistent strikes wherever you hold practice, for years to come.

Iron Mikes are meant to live outside, and are extremely durable. Our portable pitching machines are easy to transport, making them ideal for high schools or colleges where they will be used by multiple teams. Iron Mikes do not require extra auto feeders and throw consistent strikes without adjustment. They are simple to set up, use, adjust and maintain. There’s not much to replace, and what parts you might need are readily available and inexpensive. We even have remote controls for most models and packages for single player use!

The goal of Master Pitching Machine is to provide the finest quality pitching machines and batting cage equipment at the best prices available. We are able to do so by using simple, time tested designs, by minimizing our overhead through family ownership, and by relying on a staff that still includes several of the original employees.

All of our Iron Mike pitching machines are hand built by a staff that averages over fourteen years of experience in designing, building, and servicing pitching machines. Our commitment to quality also extends to our customer service where our constant goal is the complete satisfaction of every customer. When you purchase a pitching machine from Master Pitching Machine, you get a machine that is built to last.

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