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Whether you're looking for slow pitch softball batting cages or fast pitch softball batting cages, we've got what you need. Batting practice is a critical part of any softball training regimen, and the top-of-the-line batting cages at Master Pitching Machine can improve a batter's skill while keeping the ball in an enclosed area. Without the constant need to retrieve softballs, a batter can focus on perfecting his or her technique and swing. We have batting cages for a wide range of uses including:

  • Indoor softball batting cages
  • Outdoor batting cages
  • Slow pitch softball batting cages
  • Fast pitch softball batting cages

Our model C-82 Iron Mike pitching machine is perfect for slow pitch softball, and our model MP-5 Iron Mike pitching machine easily converts from baseballs to softballs, making them a great fit for our batting cages for softball.

All of our batting cages are built to last with all fittings custom welded with set screws used to hold the fittings and pipes together. As a result, no welding is needed to erect your batting cage framework. All our outdoor and indoor softball batting cages come with nets made with 1-2/3" black nylon square mesh, and treated with a special coating to help prevent damage. This netting is tough enough to withstand hit after hit for many years to come. When you purchase a batting cage from Master Pitching Machine, it is guaranteed to last.

From the initial installation through on-going support and customer service, each customer remains a priority. Once you are committed to Master Pitching Machine we, in turn, are committed to you.

For over 40 years, professional and amateur batters alike have improved their swing, speed, accuracy, and batting average thanks to the help of our pitching machines and outdoor and indoor softball batting cages. Join our many satisfied customers and choose Master Pitching Machine today!

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