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Whether you're looking for a softball pitching machine for fast pitch or slow pitch softball, Master Pitching Machines has got what you need. Any softball player lucky enough to have the opportunity to practice their hitting skills everyday with an Iron Mike softball pitching machine can improve their batting skills significantly and can't help but become a better hitter.

All of our Master Pitching Machines are arm-style, which means with each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. This gives the batter the same sense of timing achieved by watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine (the only type of pitching machine of its kind) that allows you to practice the same fundamentals during practice as you see on the field during a real game.

MP 6  Pitching Machine
Model MP-4 or MP-6

Our model MP-6 Iron Mike Hopper-Fed softball pitching machine has a 400 softball capacity and is ideal for softball and baseball teams. It can be easily converted between softball and baseball.

Our model MP-4 Iron Mike Hopper-Fed pitching machine ahs the same features as the MP-6 with extra reinforcements on the frame of the machine to protect against batted balls.

MP 5 Pitching Machine
Model MP-5

Our model MP-5 Iron Mike Rack-Fed softball pitching machine has a 28 softball capacity and can be easily converted between softball and baseball.

The MP-6, MP-4, and MP-5 all include an 80' remote control that adds the ability to start and stop the machine from the batter's area and makes them perfect for individual use.

Model C-82 Pitching Machine

Model C-82

Our model C-82 Iron Mike pitching machine is designed for on-field or backyard practice and is a compact, inexpensive trainer for the kids. It has a 20 softball capactiy and is ideal for slow-pitch softball but will throw baseballs and polyballs as well.

We also carry softballs for our Iron Mike softball pitching machines. Our dimpled 12" medium softball has a medium texture that allows for good, firm contact without the fear of denting aluminum bats. This ball will also minimize the sting from the handle of aluminum bats. Our dimpled 12" safety softball is slightly softer than the medium softball, and is intended for confidence-building training of novice batters. 11" dimpled softballs are also available.

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