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Iron Mike Pitching Machine

Iron Mike Pitching Machine

Iron Mike Pitching Machine

The Iron Mike commercial pitching machine from Master Pitching Machine are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide largely in part because of its arm style pitching. This same reason brings more people to batting cages, making them a favorite of batting cage owners as well.

Iron Mike commercial pitching machines are mechanically easy to set up, use, adjust, and maintain. When a problem does occur, our unmatched customer support and service personnel can diagnose and teach you how to fix it.

Iron Mike Pitching Machines

As a service to our customers, Master Pitching Machine stocks all of the Iron Mike pitching machine parts you need to keep your machine running as well as the day you bought it. They are held in-house and are available for immediate shipment. Comprehensive spare parts packages are available and recommended.

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We also offer safety, warning, and informational signs for batting cages as well as standard Iron Mike pitching machine tokens (1-1/8" diameter). These tokens can be used with the token box that is included with each Iron Mike commercial pitching machine. Other sizes of Iron Mike pitching machine tokens are available upon request.

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