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Iron Mike Pitching Machine

When was the last time you faced a pitcher without an arm?

Every Master Pitching Machine features our exclusive Iron MikeT Pitching Arm.

With each pitch, you see the Iron MikeT Pitching Arm wind up and deliver the ball - just like a real pitcher. It's the only proven training machine available that gives you this advantage.



This unique dimpled machine baseball will not dent aluminum bats. Softer than most urethane balls for safety, but firm enough for batting satisfaction. This ball will minimize the sting from the handle of aluminum bats. Tough and durable, it is our top selling baseball.

Yellow #762-107 ..........$35.95 per dozen



The medium texture of this ball allows for good, firm contact without the fear of denting aluminum bats. This ball will also minimize the sting from the handle of aluminum bats.

Yellow #762-191..........$47.95 per dozen



Slightly softer than the Medium Softball, this ball is intended for confidence-building training of novice batters. **Not for General Use in Public Batting Ranges.**

White #762-184..........$35.95 per dozen


SPECIAL NOTE: All prices are based on standard packaging of 6 dozen balls per box. A $3.50 repackaging charges will be added to each shipment that involves one or more non-standard packages.

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