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There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than to go to a batting cage and have the machines be out of order. We have designed our pitching machines with that in mind. They are mechanically simple and easy to maintain. When a problem does occur, our unmatched customer support and service personnel can diagnose and teach you how to fix it. When needed, replacement parts are readily available and can be shipped immediately. We will not claim that you will never have down time, but with our equipment and a routine maintenance schedule, we are certain that it will be minimized.



Our central control panel gives you the ability to control all of your pitching machines from one location. This unit allows you to monitor coin count and minutes in operation, to remotely set minutes for cage rentals, and to turn all of your machines on and off from the location of the controller. It can handle up to 16 machines and has a printer port for obtaining print outs of stored information.





This unique dimpled machine baseball will not dent aluminum bats. It is softer than most urethane balls for safety, but firm enough for batting satisfaction. This ball will minimize the sting from the handle of aluminum bats. Tough and durable, it is our top selling baseball. Available in yellow.



The medium texture of this ball allows for good, firm contact without the fear of denting aluminum bats. This ball will also minimize the sting from the handle of aluminum bats. Available in yellow.





All helmets utilize one piece ABS shell construction and meet NOCSAE® standards. They are pre-marked for easy facemask attachment. Helmets are available in black, navy, scarlet, royal, gold, dark green, maroon, purple, and teal. Face masks are available in black, navy, and gray.



These bats are intended specifically for heavy use in commercial batting cages. They are ruggedly designed and comfortable to swing. Models are available in both baseball and softball versions for youths and adults.




Safety and warning signs are needed in any batting cage. These signs are all made of heavy plastic and can be used indoors or outdoors. Many different messages are available including rules, warnings, safety notices, baseball/softball indicators, and cage speeds. A full sign catalog is available upon request.



Our standard Tokens are 1-1/8" diameter and feature our Iron MikeT logo. Other sizes are available upon request.



As a service to our customers, we stock all parts for our machines. They are held in-house and are available for immediate shipment. Comprehensive spare parts packages are available and recommended.


Connecting cable is needed in two places. The first it to link coin boxes to the pitching machines. The second is to link the Central Control Panel to the pitching machines. Our cable is shielded and direct burial rated.


When our Central Control panel is not used, 60-minute timers can be installed to operate timed cage rentals. These timers can be mounted on either the machines or at your front desk.


To complement our full line of machine replacement parts, we offer supplies to help maintain the overall appearance and safety of your cage. These supplies include touch up equipment paint, polypropylene net border rope, #36 weight black twine for net repair, hog rings and hog ring pliers for net attachment, tie wire to hang and support nets, and Lubriplate to properly oil machines.


In addition to our standard cage nets, we offer several sizes and weight of Cut-to-Order netting that can be cut to a requested size. This netting is available in either a #36 weight or a #60 weight net and in widths ranging from 8-1/2' to 20'. All net is black, nylon, 1-3/4"square mesh, and treated with a special coating to help prevent damage from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


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